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Lionel BERTHAULT was born in France on the 24th August 1975.He is a rifle hunter since 1990 and bowhunter since 1994. He is a Professional hunter, director and founder of "Le Chasseur Mauricien" in Mauritius.

He is a certified and licensed Professional Hunter at the  ACP * (French Association of Professional Hunters), the PHASA * ​​(Professional Hunters' Association of South Africa), and is graduated from the school of Chappy Scott * South Africa and also works for the company Tawisa owned by Eric Pasanisi for big game hunting in Tanzania.

He is an Agricultural Technician in Wildlife Management and Superior Technician in Wildlife Management specialized in Eco-tourism and nature. He is a passionate hunter but has also collaborated on several studies and research on birds and predators in national parks such as Kouchibouguac in Canada among others.

He was an educator in hunting federations for 5 years and was entitled to deliver hunting licenses. He has also worked as a communication manager.

He has hunted and guided in 23 countries including, Mozambique, Benin, Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Alaska, New Brunswick, Belarus, Quebec, Argentina, South Africa, Namibia and many more.